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need help building a 396 engine

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i want to build a motor for weekends and once in a while down the quater at raceway park. to start with i have a 396 block bored 30 over 2 bolt main 3969854. steel crank i want to reuse the crank, rods and pistons and new rings,bearingsand seals. car is a four speed and has 373 gears. what i need is a combonation from were im starting from. i need cam heads manifold and carb .im not looking for numbers matching parts . just some tips from all the motor heads out there.
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I know this is not what you want to hear but I wouldn't build a 396. Other then forced air there is no substitute for displacement.
You could easily build a 454 to outproform that 396. To start with the 454 has at least 50 horse on an identical 396.
Go for a 496. It is simple to build , a cheap stroker crank for about $300 will stand up to what you want and with a mild cam it can put out 600 horse and still be totally street friendly.
You do NOT need a 4 bolt block, a simple 2 bolt 454 is a good starting point, use stock 3/8th rods, buy stroker pistons, they cost the same as normal pistons, hyper are good, a nice street came, ported oval heads and you are in the 550 horse range with a torque monster.
Nothing you can do to that 396 would touch it.
A small block 406 is just as good as that 396
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