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need color Info about detailing

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I'm detailing under the hood of my 72 Chevelle SS conv.,the orginial color is Flame orange /whith stripes,matching number car. question is: I need to find out the color I need to go with for spraying the firewall. I've seen a lot of people would just paint it black. Does it need to be flame orange as the orginial color ? Or what type of black? Also the replacement paint for # 65 flame orange is a base coat/ clear coat, when the bodyshop mix it together, it came out as being just a hair off from matching the Orginial color. Will this hurt it ? Or is this normal ? thanks for the help, Dennis, Florence, AL.
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I had a flame orange 72 a few years back that was painted in base/clear. It was just a touch off from the original color which I thought actually looked better than the original. It had alot more metallic to it. As for your firewall, I'm thinking a semi-gloss black.
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