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Need advice on BB intake - 67

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Rebuilding the 396 - actually a '70 402 in my 67.

The aluminum intake is garbage - pitted inside - poor quality - and the 650 Edlbrock is too small. Have to replace both. Probably get a 750 carb.

Street cruiser, 402 will be about 400 horse when done. Nothing crazy.

What have you used for an intake and carburator combo that fits under the SS hood of a 67 ? I checked the Performer RPM Air Gap on Summit and it said NO FIT to corvettes and 65-67 chevelles.

Recommendations? I like my bigger air cleaner look and would rather not have to buy the low profile one.....
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Thanks for the advice. Once I decide, I'll post results.

Looks like a performer intake. Builder says Holley carbs are a little touchy (cold, damp, etc) so we might do an Edlbrock.
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