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Anybody got a wiring diagram for a '69 Chevelle that they can email me?
I would like to have one for reference to sort out a few things.
I got it all together and most of the stuff working but have a couple of loose wires and a couple of things that need to be hooked up. I believe I have a couple of missing wires...
Anyway I would very much appreciate it.

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You really outta get a diagram to have around it helped me alot what parts of the car do you need i can email you them.

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I need the engine harness diagram and lighting.
Basically everything in front of the firewall.
If you have a dash harness diagram that might be handy for wiring up the radio.
Also if not covered under teh engine harness I need the charging system diagram that covers the horn relay, horns, voltage regulator, etc..
Trying to sort it all out.

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Now I can go finish up a few things on the Chevelle.
I'm a master tech at a GM dealership but these cars are so old I can't even look up a wiring diagram for them.
I know ALOT of it by memory but some of the things I'm fuzzy on.
Thanks again.
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