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Need a place to show your ride?

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It seems that lately, there are a number of people who would like to post some images of their car, but don't have the resources to do so.

So, with assistance from Bill64EC, The following has been set up for you viewing excitement:

I am willing to post images of your car there (for free of course) if you so desire. It's nothing fancy, it's nothing grand, but it will give others a chance to check out your ride.

Info on how to do so is at that site.

There are only a couple of genral rules which I think you'll agree are fair:

1. 64-72 Chevelles/EC's only. If there's enough demand, I may allow other years, but there will never be other types of cars.

2. No for sale ad's. I will not sell your car for you.

3. If you want a photo posted, then you also have to proved a short bio on the car to go with it. People will want to know about the car after seeing it, so be willing to supply some details.

That said, fell free to mail me what you've got. As I mentioned, it's nothing grand, but it works. And yes, I did copy the script from my other site because I'm lazy


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Great idea. If you haven't already, how about putting a link on the "Chevelle Friends" page of Team Chevelle at .

Hopefully I'll have a couple of pictures in a few weeks for you.

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