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Napa hd coil ech ic12

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Napa hd coil ech ic12,
ther is a little info about them on here, but wanted to get any up to date info on them. i have a red msd coil ,which turned out to be not the problem,
but cant return this one because i scratch the paint.
which one would you run?
for small bodied hei
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im thinking about running it and putting the msd in the tool bag in the trunk
i have read ignition mans thoughts on them .
i fought and spent to much money with a msd 6al system for to long and sold it.. but the coil(guess im not smart enough to use msd) and bought a small bodied hei and have great success with it .
was just wanting to know what success that anybody has had with the ic12 coils
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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