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Hey guys, after two years of barely touching it, I am finally trying to get the finishing touches done on my '72 and get it on the road. I am seeing several wires under the hood which I can't identify and hoping you guys can give me some clues. I believe my new harness was setup for a '72 small-block, with AC, turbo 400, SS gauges, and cowl induction.

Please see the pics and let me know if you recognize these connectors:
  • A - Orange Wire Coming out of harness near old AX box. Blower Motor?
  • B - Green Wire with White Stripe, coming out same spot as Orange Wire, temp sensor?
  • C - Two tab connector near original coil location, green/white, blue, and tan wires feeding it. AC Harness plug in?
  • D - two prong connector with Orange and Tan wires feeding it. Cowl induction harness connector?
  • E - two prong connector with orange and black wires feeding it. Turbo 400 kick-down harness? (I ordered the turbo 400 harness so I could use the source to unlock the convertor on my 200-4R at wide-open-throttle).
  • F - Tan single wire with plug connector coming out of harness on driver's side near the carb. Temp sensor? AC Ground? ???
  • G - Single Green wire with "eye" connector, near driver's side of carb. ???

I see three different wires that I "suspect" for my factory SS gauge temp sensor. Clearly they aren't all for that purpose. Because my car isn't remotely factory (after-market AC, serpentine belt drive, HEI, etc.), I don't have all the factory harnesses that would normally plug into these things. Any help you guys can provide identifying these connectors will be greatly appreciated. :)



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