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Mystery Wires on a '68 SS (long)

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First of all I want to thank Team Chevelle for providing this great resource.

I am hours away from starting my '68SS. I am putting in a Mallory Unilite distributor (old one was points) and Hyfire IV spark box. I figured out how the Purple wire goes to the "S" terminal on the solinoid, removed the yellow wire between the starter and the coil. I have been reading how there is another wire involved here and I think I might be close here. The wires are as follows:

1. Brown Wire on the (+)Coil with a strange "C" connector.

2. White-ish Cloth covered wire with a ring terminal on the (+)Coil.

3. Black w/ White striped wire with what looks like 2 fusible links on it coming from around Horn relay to the Light harness (NOT the MAIN power up wire to the dash...some kind of + wire to dash from the 10 gauge wire splice..alt,dash power,horn relay,batt charge,then this one)

I don't want to screw up my Unilite system, or other stuff. I am hoping that these are the Factory Tach(2) and Ignition(1) wires on the coil, and some kind of lighting wire(3)

I bought the "New System" from M.A.D. Electrical and installed it as per it's instructions (great stuff!) To be honest, wiring it up helped me understand what went where and what I diddn't need.....but not everything.
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for factory tach the brown wire should go to - side of coil,black/white is for amp gauge
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