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I just finished my new motor for my modified and it sure sounds sweet. I have been trying to getting it built for the last few months and it seemed this day would never get here. I love the smell of burnt corn...

Engine is a 434 SB running Methonal:hurray:
Stock 400 block :D
Forged Crank, Rods, Pistons
Reed P288R\P288R Roller with matching springs (.660 256 @.050 on both) 1.5 ratio rollers
Brodix Track1
Brodix HV1003 Turtle intake
C&S 4150HP 750 Max Flow (might be a too small when not restricted)
7.25" Tilton triple disk clutch
4 speed with a 5.14 (may change to 5.29) rear gear on a 27.5 tall tire in 2500 lb car:D

Play day is in the next couple of weeks and I cant wait. This will be for a mid banked (8-11 degree track) that is 3/8 mile in the race groove. I do have to run 4 1" hole spacer for some races, but I will be open at others.


Ya like the yellar?

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My buddy at work I showed your pics to pointed out you might want to put a few more lugnuts on your front wheel :D

Looks good. :thumbsup: We have a 1/3rd mile dirt track here that runs spring to fall that can be fun to go to.
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