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!965 Chevelle, ZZ502 engine, th400, 12 bolt and a lot of fun.

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You are going to wind up in jail my friend! LOL

Welcome Remi
Remi, I bet there are not many cars in Oslo that can do what you did.
Good Looking Chevelle but... I think I see '64 tailights. Am I seeing things???
:thumbsup: Welcome!!
DandyDon I don`t know if you`re seeing things or not but those are definetely 64 taillights :)
And of course, just for the record this is NOT me driving. hehe
About time to post a few upgrades now..

In june I found the old 12 bolt rear end to be shot. Got myself a complete rear end from moser.
The old one had 3,55:1 in it and the new 3,08:1. And yes and know it`s a girlie ratio but I`m using the car everyday and thought my engine was strong enough on the torque side and that it wouldn`t matter so much. I was definetely wrong and think I would have gone maybe 3,73;1 or something if i where to do it over again.
I`ll just have to get myself a new transmisson I guess, with higher 1. and 2. gears than my th400 has.

At least after getting the carb closer to ideal tune, taller tires, and the new rear end ratio the mpg went from 9.8mpg to 13.5mpg :)

Here are some photos:

Christmas day, brand new moser 12 bolt rearend:

almost ready to be abused:

Only modification necessary was makin the hole for the brake plate bigger. about 12mm

Got myself some new gauges too:


RPM gauge ready:

Have a lot of ideas for later modifications too. I`d love to bring the car up to modern standards in the handling department. And I`m also wondering about getting a injection system.
That Holley carb is very hard to tune, especially since the cruising mode can`t really be adjusted by changing jets. And originally it was way to rich in cruising mode and way to lean at full throttle !!
Thought I`d give edelbrock a try first. then we`ll see how that works..
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Totally reckless, what if you lost controll and hit those young people walking or that car. What were you thinking? Any way welcome! Just maby we can teach you to care better for others and your chevelle :hurray:
welcome aboard! Love the poverty caps.
welcome aboard! Love the poverty caps.

Thanks :) love them myself, bought them on ebay really cheap and they where brand new, perfect fit and fast shipping. Best bucks spent on this car for sure !
Good Looking Chevelle but... I think I see '64 tailights. Am I seeing things???
It looks to be a 64 body with a 65 nose. The gauge bezel tells me that it's a 64 but the console looks like a 65. If your interested post a photo of the trim tag located on the firewall in the "Tag Team" forum and I'm sure someone will decode for you. Welcome.
How cautious, thoughtful, and courteous of you to start that maneuver just as two young people were walking by.

What an asinine display of stupidity.

Welcome Remi!
First it`s not me driving, second the camera angle makes the people appear a lot closer than they are. Third it is for sure not okey to drive like that when there is people walking nearby, I agree with you on that one, no probs. But still, once it had happened AND it was on film I thought I`d mine as well put out the video. I`ve taken it off of youtube now, since I got so much hassle about it.
Had to do a little winter fixing !
A drug addict foreigner was unabled to stop his "friends" car, on the wet tarmac doing about 40 in a 25 zone.
He didn`t speak the language, neither Norwegian or English, have any id and it wasn`t his car. And also was`nt really constructive in his ways of solving things. Just talking to people in his dxxx phone all the time. So I had to call the Police.
Could neither tell or write me his name, but managed to say both that his wallet was in a building close by and he wanted to get it duuuhh
My favourite part was when he told me he was a mechanic and that he was going to fix my car hahaha :D

Not the best start of the summer I must say. They took him in, and I got lots of insurance money, but would rather just have my car nice during the summer.

Wanted it to be on the road as much as possible in the summer so I decided to delay the repairs until the winter.

Started the repairs in desember. With a goal of finishing the bodywork in two days. Not having ambitions of a show car, just a decent race - fun car.
Well it didnt quite go that fast. I`ve got about 130 hrs on it now, and it`s not even close og being a show car... but at least the rust is gone, and it`s straighter than it was before. And it`s got a new Fender on !

The fender I got from ground up fits like a glow :) That is more than I can say about the door... it doesn`t fit very good but it`s the door i have and will have to do.

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Hi Remi.:waving: I hope you get him fixed up!
Thanks grandsport :)
I think it might be a she btw she turns me on, and make me happy while I touch her.. I don`t know. Just seems that way !
Was thinking of doing the worlds fastest paint job, doing just the fender. I loved the old paint with it`s nice patina and cracks. But since it`s hard getting the fender in the same colour as the rest of the car, and the patina would obviously be extremely hard to do, I eventually decided to take care of the rust issues, and to paint the whole car. Funny how an easy fender job, just evolves.
It had more rust hiding under the paint, and massive amount of body filler, than I thought.

Left door:

Right door:

Behind the rigt door after removing paint and body filler.
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