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Just got her home yesterday, along with two truckloads (literally) of parts.
Car is a Galaxie 500 Xl, with the original 289 and three speed automatic. Last registered in '87. It's pretty solid with only a couple soft spots in the floor and one medium sized one in the trunk. Plan to get it up and running for the summer for cruising while the Chevelle is "in progress." Once it's done, this one will get the royal treatment. My dad is green with envy as this is one of his dream cars. In fact, he's now on the hunt for a 65 chevelle in hopes I'll trade him for it. Not so sure I can though, as the wife is even excited about getting this car!!!:yes:

Happy birthday to ME!!! :D

(And yes, that is duct tape helping hold the windshield down. The seal is rotted and the glass doesn't sit quite right, so it keeps the rain out......I hope.)

The parts included:
-Another full set of stainless trim
-Another grille thats like new
-Passenger door
-Passenger fender
-Set of inner fenders
-2 quarter windows to replace the one thats broken on the driver side
-Bench seat
-clutch pedal assembly
-new tail lenses
-Dash and heater box
-Gauge panel
-Power brake booster
-Full set of un-busted headlights
-Another front bumper and brackets
-Another clock
-Another Wiring harness
-Extra Gas tank
-Steering column for a 3 on the tree w/steering wheel
-Drive shaft
-Plus odds and ends that I have no idea what they are.

Got the car and all these parts for $600 dollars.:hurray:

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WOW! That brings back memories. When I was a teenager we cruised in a '64 Ford. It was a 390 three on the wheel. For us guys it was a fast old car.
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