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Muncie to Hurst Shifter for '66 SS396

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My Muncie shifter was not shifting the way I wanted it to and after reading some posts in this forum I decided to switch to a hurst comp plus. I got the whole package so I am assuming it will have everything I need. I am planning on doing this myself. What should I expect? I have a bench seat with a M20 tranny. I think the hurst shifter will come with instrutions, but any other advice? Do I have to drop the tranny? Is most of the work done from inside the car or under? Anything on this forum that would step me through it? Pictures?

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You might need to lower the tail of the transmission in order to give you enough room to bolt on the new shifter. The Muncie shifter bolts to the transmission cross member. The Hurst shifter bolts to the transmission. To lower the tail of the transmission, jack up the transmission, pull the transmission cross member out and then let the jack down. Make sure you get the right linkage kit. They are year specific.
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