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MSD, TCS, and Other Four Letter Words

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I don't know where to start, I have a 1970 Nova SS 350/300 L-48, 4 speed car. A previous owner has installed a MSD box, coil, and distributor. I want to change it all back to stock, but I'm not sure where to begin. The wires from the MSD box run to the coil, and if I disconnect them, I'm not sure how to rewire it back to the way the factory did it. I don't know if my resistance wire is missing, but there is a (resistance block) mounted on the firewall. I think the main reason for it being there, was so the owner could install a factory tach and not have to put in another wiring harness. It's my understanding that you can "drive" a tach off of a MSD box. I haven't started to remove parts yet, because I'm still looking for a 1111996 distributor. I thought I would go ahead and ask the question in advance... so I would have my ducks in a row. I know a picture is worth a thousand words... so if you click on my link on the bottom it will take you to my Webshots page where there are underhood photos. I also have questions about my TCS system, which seems to be 90% complete, but I will ask those later. I have a digital camera and I can take a photo of any area that you would need to see. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I forgot to mention... the car has factory A/C... that I believe I'm going to end up buying a harness for.

Thanks in advance,
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Thank you Jim----
I think for the immediate future, I just want to get rid of the MSD stuff. Can I rewire the coil and other parts using the resistance block that I currently have mounted on the firewall???

I want the stock-factory distributor and stock- factory coil to function......will add the correct resistance wire later.

Thank you sir-
Hello Jim--
Thank you for the reply. I will look at my car Sunday after church, to see what wires I have. I will check for the wire running from the starter to the coil. About the tach, I want to get rid of it completely, so the wires going to it are unimportant. On my model Nova, the tach is mounted where the fuel gauge would be, therefore I have no fuel gauge. When the factory added the tach, they also mounted a floor-console for the other gauges.....fuel, amp, etc. My car does not have the console, previous owner only partly completed the conversion.

I would go look at my car tonight......but it's already 10:00 pm......will be able to see better tomorrow..I'm in NC.

Thank you kindly for your help.....
It's been a terrible week......have not had time to look at my car. Will reply soon.

Thank you sir.....for your help.

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