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MSD - tach hook up?

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i just bought an MSD6AL, with distributor MSD-8361.
do i just unplug my tach wire from my old ditributor and plug it into the tach plug on the 6AL? Do i set my engine timing to original specs? 66 chevelle 396 325hp. how do i pick which springs to use? im just using it for street an occasional 1/4 mile run
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yep... The wire coming from the tach goes right into the tach lead connector on the MSD box. Set your timing to original to start, then with your timing light you can try to get your spring combo by seeing what will give you the curve you want at the desired RPM. Thats how I did mine and basically I shot for total timing by 2000RPM and hit that mark a bit early at about 1980rpm.
Base or initial timing is what gives you an easy start. I am sure there are more technical answers out there but I've gottn used to "if it starts when its hot, then there is no prob, be concerned about getting your total timing in when you want it." Although I did have the curve on my dist. done on a scope, like mike said, I forgot about that part. :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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