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MSD - tach hook up?

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i just bought an MSD6AL, with distributor MSD-8361.
do i just unplug my tach wire from my old ditributor and plug it into the tach plug on the 6AL? Do i set my engine timing to original specs? 66 chevelle 396 325hp. how do i pick which springs to use? im just using it for street an occasional 1/4 mile run
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Frank66,the distributor curve(spring open rate)should be set on a distributor machine/Knowing your cam spec. is a must when setting.What you want for timing is 38 degrees at 3,000 rpm.This is your base timing-vacuum advance-mechanical advance all togetter "TOTAL 38 DEGREES"-good for street/strip set up. -MIKE
FRANK66, if your cam is unknown then i would start with the spring that were in the distributor,run the engine to 3,000 rpm set the timing to 38 degrees with a adjustable timing light or timing tape on balancer and then look at your base timing should be 8 to 14 derees.think if your running the car it will be 2500 to 3000 rpm over 30 mph anyway (depending on your gears)if the spring rate is real bad you'll get a stumble or flat spot on accel.My friend runs a 502 with no vacuum or mech. advance,just set at 38 degrees all the time and it runs killer-only loads up if idle for 10 to 15 min.This would be no problem if you have a vacuum and mech. advance.I would set it to 38 with the vacuum and mech advance connected and go for a run to test.-MIKE
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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