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I have had the same MSD 6AL box in my Chevelle for the past 11 years. Today I was cruisin along at 55, tach was reading 3000 RPM's. I saw the tach flutter a bit (needle jumped). The ignition died!! I pulled er to the side of the road....everything else was still on, electric water pump and the electric fuel pump, etc. It started right back up. Drove her home with no problems. The MSD box is mounted under the dash. I could hear it buzzing a bit louder today then normal. Actually, the buzzing was loud then soft, loud then was fluctuating. My question is: "Does an MSD box start to show signs of dying....or do they just quit?"
I have since checked out all the connections. All seem to be fine.
I am running an ALL MSD set up. From the billet dist to the 8.5mm wires.
Have never had any other problems with anything MSD till now.
Thanx for any help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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