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Hey Folks...I have a electrical problem with my 69chevelle and I was hoping someone might be able to help?...

My girl friends van had a dead battery one day and Instead of going to get the charger I tryed to jump it with my Chevelle...I hooked up the cables,waited 5min and told her to start her soon as she tried to start it,my chevelle just died!...

I thought it was the MSD box,sent it back to MSD and they said nothing was wrong with it even though I did the false trigger test and got no spark out of the coil wire.It's got a GM HEI and a blaster 2 coil.

I checked for voltage at the small red wire coming from the MSD and there was voltage,the large red is going to the battery and the neg. wire is bolted to the head.All of the fuses have contanuity (sp?) so I know it's not as simple as a fuse.

I was thinking the magnetic pick-up might be bad and I'd rather buy a new distributor then change would I test a coil to see if it's bad?...could it be the voltage reg?...I'm not even sure where this is on my car...not sure if it's internal. or external. can I tell?

Any help would be thankful!

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