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MSD 6al vs Crane Hi-6 or the like?

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I know that MSD has the high and mighty name in ignition, especially their 6al spark control box, but how about these other companies like the Crane Hi-6, and i know holley makes one, and jacobs, etc. How do they stack up against the msd's?

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They all basically do the same thing, based on the "Capacitive Discharge" principle. I run the Crane HI-6 because I light the rev-limiter better than the MSD system. Its built into the box(has a dial). But in my opinion one will not make a NOTICABLE difference over the other.

Ignition in my car is as follows...

Crane HI-6 box
Crane LX-91 coil
MSD pro-billet Distributer
MSD Super-Conductor Wires

I don't think 1 box over another would make a difference in my car.
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