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move mufflers to rear for deeper sound?

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would rear-mounted mufflers sound different than the usual mounting location? years ago in highschool(many years) i mounted a coupla turbo-style muffs about 2 feet from the collectors on my 68 imp with no tubing coming from the muffler, talk about a rumble! the cops told me it sounded like a dump truck!
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thanks guys, i don't have the 'velle running yet but i think i'll put the Dynomax Ultra-flows under the back seat with turn-downs, i'm afraid to mount them under the trunk floor since my fuel cell and lines will be in that area.
i've decided to try mounting them under the trunk floor.i'll have plenty of room under there since the factory gas tank is gone and the fuel cell is sitting on the trunk floor.i'll hafta fab up a shield for the sump but i already hafta do that anyway..thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts