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move mufflers to rear for deeper sound?

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would rear-mounted mufflers sound different than the usual mounting location? years ago in highschool(many years) i mounted a coupla turbo-style muffs about 2 feet from the collectors on my 68 imp with no tubing coming from the muffler, talk about a rumble! the cops told me it sounded like a dump truck!
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I would say putting them close to the headers would slow the flow and cool the exhaust quicker (not good) making the exhaust from the mufs>> back cooler and slower causing it to be a deeper sound (longer sound waves)... but it will also cause more backpresure because the gas is moving slower after the muffler than before the muffler causing a backup of gas.

Putting the mufflers closer to the end of the exhaust (not at the tip though) would allow the highspeed / high temp gasses to flow smoother through the exhaust tubing then dump into the muffler then out the exhaust quicker,high speed gas, sound waves , higher pitch.

Sound good?

HEADER>>>>>>>>>MUFFLER> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > OVER AXLE> > > > > > > >EXIT

HEADER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MUFFLER> > > >OVER AXLE> > > > > > EXIT

The closer the marks the higher the speed of the gas.
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The only problem i can see there is the trunk is going to be a big resonating chamber.
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