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Is the harness long enough to route it out from a center console?
I am ordering the 24/7 fuse panel harness kit.

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The last wiring job I did for someone, I went out to a junkyard and got a disconnect from a 73ish GM car.
I also went to the trouble to get all of the correct terminals to put it all together.
Looks like the factory put it there.

Now planning a re-wire on my Ranchero. Have the wiring kit, got the disconnects I need.
Now to disassemble the harness and reroute the wires.

Absolutely no decent place to mount a fusebox and disconnect in that tiny car--original fusebox only had 6 fuses.

Good thing I'm putting AC in this car and removing the vents----the factory vents use up virtually all of the spare space under the dash.
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