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Motor Plate and front subframe supportquestions

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I'd like to install a front motor plate in my car and was wondering if someone has a photo or two showing the mount they fabricated between the frame and the front plate on the drivers side. It seems my plate wants to mount right where the steering sector is mounted. Secondly, I can't see where you could use a mid plate with a stock firewall . Is this true?, or has someone done one. I assume running a front plate without a mid plate is O.K.. Am I correct??
To match the stock motor position the plate looks like it tilts too far back. Do most people lower the front of the motor when installing a plate type mount??
I'd also like to run front subframe supports from my roll cage thru the firewall and connect to the front frame rails. Again, does anyone have a photo showing how the support routes around the master cylinder etc. and how it ties to a stock frame?? Seems most of these supports are on tube chassis cars. I notice a lot of flex in my car's frame right @ the firewall that I'd like to eliminate. Thanks in advance for all and any comments, photos or help.
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