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Motor Mounts

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I have a 66 and am putting my engine in. It seems to be rotated slightly. My header collectors are about 2 inches different in height causing the right side to not allow installation of the extension pipe due to it hitting the transmission crossmember. The frame was from a different car and it had a 6 cylinder in it. Do I need to drill new holes in the crossmember for the brackets or what? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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At first glance your engine, frame, support and mounts are fine, what you are describing sound like you have a set of one size fit all cheaply made headers.
Get a really big pry bar or piece of wood and bend that collector down slighty after heating it up with a torch-use caution though if you pry to hard to fast you could break the flange at the head where a tube is welded to it or at the collector where all 4 tubes meet it.

My 2 cents
Marc S
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