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Motor inspection questions, Rev Kit??

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We're disassembling my motor during the off season to inspect it as we're also installing AFR 335 heads. Two things came up that I'd like some input on.

There is evidence of metal transfer between the timing gear and the end of the cam. Everything was tight and there was no sign of movement but when we took the cam gear off there was an area maybe 3/8" x 1/8th x 30 thou. deep which spalled off of the back of the gear and attached to the end of the cam. The cam dowel was alittle loose also. we used ARP bolts and the timing gear is a cloyes billet piece. Anyone have ideas or experience with this ?

The cam shows some wear on three or four lobes. It is a comp roller cam w/ comp rollers. My machinest suggests using a rev kit to eliminate the little bit of tolerance caused by the lifter lash so the rollers stay in constant contact w/ the cam. Again any experience or comments on this suggestion??

Thanks for your input.
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What does the distributor gear look like (cast or bronze)? Not enough end play (.008-.012)? The Cloyes timing sets that I've used come with a torrington bearing that goes behind the cam gear to keep it off the block. I assume you were using this bearing, too. If so, does it look ok? Scary....
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