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I have found it! I have found one of the most important break troughs in modern history. No, I did not find the fountain of youth (Suzanne Summers did that, See Dateline, LOL!), but I did find something almost as important. Let’s say at least as important to a car nut like all of us. Protecting our toys, our cars, safe from theft is becoming more and more important. A vehicle is stolen every 25 seconds in the U.S. Last year alone, over 1.2 million vehicles were stolen across the country. Alarms and other deterrents are not enough. Some pretty high profile cars have been stolen in the last couple years and have never been seen again. Radical Rides by Troy Chocolate Thunder car comes to mind. Recently a friend of mine had his street / race car stolen and he is certain he was followed home from the race track and the thieves took it right from his shop. They found my friends car, sadly it was striped. On a lead from unnamed informants, they found the car and he was told by the informants that he was profiled. He was told he was followed home from the race track.

Another acquaintance was told by the police his car was probably stolen from being at a car show the previous weekend and a thief probably ran the tag number to get the address where the car is registered. The thieves obviously recorded his patterns and got the car. The police think the thieves simply waited until the coast was clear to get the car right out of his garage. His car was taken while he was at work. They were nice enough to close the garage door when they left! Also, keep in mind; neither of these cars appear to be driven away. One was taken with the car owner’s trailer, the other the police found scratches on the ground from what appears to be a roll back wrecker. Often a car is never even started when stolen. Many times the car is in the trailer and the entire rig is stolen, or the car may be stolen with a roll back or stinger type wrecker.

The mere thought of car thieves coming to our house and stealing our beloved Hot Rods right out of our garages is down right scary. To think it is as simple as running a tag to get the address where the car resides is frightening. Let’s think about this, the car is on display at a show; for all to see. We see someone is poking around, scoping the car out. Most times we are flattered assuming this person is closely admiring or criticizing our hard work, when in reality, he may be scoping it out for a different purpose. He may be a thief.

So what do we do? How do we keep our car safe? Do we keep it in the garage and never allow it to be seen? Do we put a alarm in it?

Obviously there are many things we can do to protect the car. The most common is to install a alarm system. Alarms are good, some are real good. But if the truth be known, once the alarm system is located and disconnected, the thief has a clear shot at getting away with the car. And let’s face it, so many car alarms false alarm, most of us do not even get out of our chairs to look when we here one. Even if your alarm system has a paging service, all that does is tell you the alarm is going off or the car is stolen. You have no way of knowing weather the alarm is false, real, or if the car is indeed being stolen. And if it is stolen, you have no way of knowing where the car is.

Everyone knows about Lojack, but Lojack has a couple huge flaws. First and most important, you have to find out that your car is stolen to be able to start tracking it. Second is, only the police can track Lojack AFTER and not before the police report is filed. In the meantime, how long is it going to take for the police to get to your location and file a report? Meantime, your car is long gone as the thieves have now had plenty of time to get the car to remote location, find the Lojack, and throw it on the side of the road. Also, Lojack can lose its radio frequency transceiver signal in metal buildings and such. So just imagine you are in Vegas for a week, your car gets stolen on the first day you are gone, but you do not know? The thief has had 6 days to make the car disappear before you even know it is gone! The car is has either been striped and dissected, the Lojack discarded, or the car is abandoned. Or the car is simply in a building from which the Lojack cannot transmit a signal. Lojack has a early warning system now, but it makes the system very expensive. A Lojack is $695 and the early warning system is $300 additional. And at $1000 you still have to file the police report, which is hard to do remotely, before the police will activate tracking of the vehicle. Now Lojack is responsible for recovering a lot of cars. On their website they refer to some examples of cars being recovered in 5 minutes. That’s 5 minutes after the police report was filed. I suspect those cases are probably just a joy ride instead of a targeted hit. So Lojack is better then nothing, but is not the first choice in tracking security anymore.

Recently a few alarm companies have been making GPS tracking devices that can be tracked by police and / or the car owner. These units are better then Lojack except one big flaw. With most of these the units, either the GPS unit or the GPS unit antenna has to see the sky to transmit and can lose signal in metal buildings and such. So if the antenna can see the sky (like a On Star antenna for example), then the thief can see the antenna. Once the thief sees that antenna and breaks off the antenna, the system is rendered useless and the thief is gone.

Enter the GPS SNITCH! The GPS Snitch is the coolest Anti theft tracking device yet. The size of a men’s wallet, (3” X 4.2” X 1”) the Snitch can be hidden anywhere in the car quickly and easily. The GPS Snitch is completely self contained meaning no external antenna. And this is very important, the GPS Snitch DOES NOT need to see the sky to transmit a signal. The signal is transmitted in Tri band, 850MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, and uses GPS and GSM/GPRS antennas. The snitch has a 12 volt internal back up battery with 1 week of stand by power and 12 hours of tracking power, as well as a 12 volt constant lead wire. In other words, the Snitch is hard wired into a constant power source in your electrical system. Let’s say the thief cuts all power to the car before moving the car, the GPS Snitch goes into battery back up mode. So unless the GPS Snitch is located and removed, the GPS Snitch is on.

Now here is the coolest feature of the GPS Snitch:

If the car moves, The GPS Snitch contacts you immediately either via text message to your cell phone or email, you decide on the method of contact that works best for you. You can immediately sign into the GPS Snitch tracking website, enter your information, and see if you car has indeed moved, and where it is right now. So instead of calling the police, filing a police report, and waiting for the police to turn on their tracking. You call the police instantly and tell them, my car is stolen, it is located and 1st and main traveling north. You can also give the police your sign in information, and let them track it also right in their squad car on their laptop.

Timing is everything. The longer you have to wait to start tracking, the farther away the car can be and the more opportunity the thieves have to locate the tracking device, destroy it and proceed. It seems highly unlikely this type of dissection would occur in the 1st hour of a theft. With other systems, it could take 1 hour to file the required reports.

The GPS Snitch also has a lot of other possible uses. Think of the possibilities. Because is runs on self contained battery power, the potential uses are many. For example, you could just throw the GPS Snitch under the seat of your daughter’s car on prom night. Catch your cheating girlfriend / wife? Did I say that out loud! You could track an employee’s work truck if you think he is scuffing off during the day. For that matter, you could spot check multiple employees going from truck to truck with only 1 unit instead of 20 units. Or if you are like me and raised 3 boys, while you are out of town, you can make sure junior is not out pulling a Ferris Bueller’s day off while you are out of town. Don’t ask me how I know this! Also, with nothing more then a small motorcycle battery for power, you could protect your trailer for months at a time. If the trailer sits a lot, you can simply charge the battery once in a while and let the system run on standby while you are recharging. Or better yet, if you tow often, simply tie into a hot wire through your wiring plug on you tow rig and recharge the battery every time you drive. If you are really paranoid, you can put one each GPS Snitch in your truck, trailer and car inside the trailer. BTW, I have verified that the GPS Snitch will indeed transmit hidden in the car inside an enclosed car trailer.

The GPS Snitch is a bargain at only $699 suggested retail. It is even more of a bargain through on special purchase at $389 and free shipping. The tracking service is $15 per month for 50 tracking hits. The best and easiest deal is $169.95 for 12 months and 1000 tracking hits. Other packages are available to suit your needs depending on how many hits you need. All this is cheap piece of mind considering the level protection.

Buy Here

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More interesting GPS Snitch Facts

Excellent Tracking History Maps Or Satellite Photo Images In Real Time!
This sample track is right here in Maitland Florida. From the Sweetwater Trail address, Snitch-it tracked a
vehicle down Howell Branch Road which made a stop right after the Temple intersect. This is a 7-11.
The vehicle then went on to an address on Choctaw Trail and stopped at a house. If you wish to change
this street map to satellite imaging, all you do is click on that button and it's done! Think about how
impressed your clients will be by placing these images into your surveillance report!

• GPS Snitch Is A Powerful Package

GPS Snitch combines high-sensitivity GPS and the more advanced GPRS with powerful wireless data capabilities of the cellular telephone system to provide you super fast high accurate real-time position tracking over the internet. By logging into your own web account either from your computer of web-enabled cellular phone.
• The Ultimate is Motion Detection

The GPS Snitch hands you a highly-sensitive motion detection system! With your easy to use web site account, you can program your Snitch-it to email you, and/or send a text message to your cell phone whenever motion is detected. Then, all you do is log into your personal account to locate the Snitch-it unit in real time.
• Smarter Than Others-Intelligent Motion Detection

GPS Snitch is smart! Very smart! It can tell the difference between a simple vibration and actual travel. When a vehicle is started an instant message can be sent. Once the GPS Snitch Detects movement, it automatically establishes a GPS perimeter around itself. If GPS Snitch leaves the security perimeter, a second alert message is sent to you to tell you that the target is on the move.
• Tracking On The Go

The Snitch-It is fully SMS enabled. That means you can get location reports on your cell phone. You can get these in text messaging or if your cell phone is web enabled, you can log on to your own account and track a vehicle right from your own vehicle viewing locations on the go!
• Unmatched Piece Of Mind As Small As a Cell Phone

The GPS Snitch is as small as a cellular phone. Its self-contained battery ensures you can update a requested location at any time. Combine the Security Perimeter capabilities which you set and set an email alert. You now have an instant geo fence alarm system and know in an instant when Snitch-It went outside a programmed area that you set up!
• Tracking Inside

While other GPS units have to be outside to get a reading and location report, The GPS Snitch can track inside a building or parking garage. The GPS Snitch is simply more powerful than anything we have seen in the market place and the GPS advantage to have.
• Inexpensive Account

The GPS Snitch is less expensive than almost all the other GPS units on the market. Tracking packages are only $14.95 a month.
• Pinpoint Location And Mapping

You will find GPS Snitch highly accurate. While other GPS units can merely get you on right block, The GPS Snitch can get it to an address and even detect and display movement within that address.

Buy Here

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just wanna keep track of something like this for when the time comes

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