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Moroso trick springs...

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Just wanted to know if the Moroso trick front and rear springs are ok to run on the street? My car is a 69 chevelle with a small block. I was also wondering what would be a good adjustable shock for the street and strip without braking the bank? Any help would be greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:
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other than them being a bear to get in the front they are fine for the street i had a set in the front of my 71 chevelle and it set too high so i went to a qa1 coil over conversion on the front of mine so i can adjust the front ride height plus the shocks are 12 way adjustable and i also am still running moroso trick springs in the rear with no issues and as far as a good adjustable shock for the rear i am running qa1 12 way adjustable one on the rear of my chevelle and i love em they are ablout 140 dollars a piece, money well spent.....Mike

Since I am planning on replacing both the spring and shock I will be going with the QA1 coil over conversion. I like that you can adjust the ride height with this set up as well. $140 per shock is not bad for the rear either...Mike I appreciate the advise I am definately odering a set for my car.
Thanks, Lee.:beers:
Mike, I do not know anyone with a NHRA liscence but I appreciate the help.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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