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Moroso Disconnect switch

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Hi everyone,
I have asked this before, but I need to hear it again, how do I hook up my disconnect switch? I e-mailed Painless wiring about the kit they sell to hook it up, but it'll only work on 65 amp and less alternators. That would be great, but this winter I installed a CS style 100amp alternator. What should I do? Thanks for the help.

Jason Babal
69 Chevelle SS
3450lbs. The launch Me(on the right)
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In February,I installed a Painless charging system shutdown relay kit(pn 50103)[along with 2 universal fuel pump switch relays(pn 50102)] to join a Moroso superduty battery disconnect switch(pn 74102)to make my dual battery set-up(one front,one rear)NHRA legal. The batteries (800 amp wet cell front,1500 amp dry cell rear)are fed by a 94 amp alternator thru a 6 gauge wire(bats are interconnected by 18 feet of 2 ga).I have run as many as 8 rounds,starting my engine repeatedly while waiting to stage,running dual fans,a high torque starter ( needed for a 12.8 compression , 433c.i. BBC),and Mallory IV-C ignition, and have experienced no problems at all with circuit overheating or overloading.There is a large draw when fans and ignition are operating at idle(600-700rpm),and with all pulleys being deep-groove,the alternator has little or no output below 3000rpm cut-in (1/2 speed at alternator you know);but,overall I am pleased with the electrical reserve I now have(in limited street use it's even better than stock).I don't remember off-hand the specifics of the installation,but the directions with the relays are easy to follow,and unless you are drawing full amperage at all times,you shouldn't have a problem with a 100 amp alternator.

66 malibu 427,69 c-10 350,65 chevy-II 327,etc.
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