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Monte Carlo jacks - are they different from Chevelles?

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Hey all -

I just bought a 72 Monte parts car for a song, and I'll be picking it up next week. I was wondering how much of the jack assembly, if anything, is the same as a 72 Chevelle. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hey Mr. 70 Monte Carlo or any Gen1 Monte Carlo officianado out there. Any ideas where I can get a QUALIY black vinyl top for my '72 MC?

I know alot of the aftermarket guys carry this stuff and I suspect that they are all from the same supplier but I am not sure.

Looking to find a one piece unit like the original and I gotta get the exact grain replacement. Had the top replaced once and am not really satisfied with the outcome.

I waited almost a year for CARS to make me a set of "cloth" seat covers to match the original material EXACTLY but have yet to score a top. Any help and / or comments would be appreciated. BTW the CARS seat covers were worth the wait, great qualify, great fit and the EXACT fabric match.

I agree about the jack / bumper hook. When I bought my car in '73 I recall thinking "Boy that bumper hook is a monster"

Any good Gen 1 forums / clubs and or parts sources out there? I have had my car since 73 and some of the M.C. specific stuff is gettin hard to find (like the vinyl and seat covers) so I am always looking for sources / contacts. Obviously most "hardware" interchanges with the Chevelle but trim and body parts are as you know a very different matter.
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