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moly and plasmamoly

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Is there a diffrence between plasma and moly rings? And which would be better for a street/strip BBC motor mostly street?
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The plasma-moly and the standard moly rings use the same material for both. The difference is how the moly is installed on the ring itself.

The original moly rings use a fill type of moly between two outer rails, as technology improved the manufacturers were able to spray the moly on the outer face of the ring. This type will withstand more abuse than the filled type. Either type will do an excellent job when it's appropriate for the application.

The plasma faced ring is superior but more expensive. Some engines will need a stainless ring to survive. If your's is a street engine with some limited track use you will be fine with a filled moly ring. This type of ring
has mostly been supplied in the standard engine building kits where ring gaps are not hand fitted and the time to seat them is fairly quick with the moly.

Harry P. Hunter
1 - 1 of 6 Posts