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Here's my project:
1971 Chevelle
Gen V 454, Performer RPM intake, LT headers
MSD 6AL, Pro-Billet distributor
Brand new Th400 - B&M Holeshot 3000 T/C
3:31 rear - eaton posi

Im working on my first 454 build up, and had started down the road with the Gen V block already in the car and SP2465F30 pistons (posted last week). I just scored a FREE Mk4 454 from a 77 Suburban (everything but the carb). :thumbsup: Tore it apart last nite....removed distributor, intake, heads, oil pan, and pistons. Oil pan was a little sludgy, piston bores looked great with no ridge (.030). Crank turns like a champ, and it has an aftermarket balancer. Pistons are cast flat-tops, but I'll be using my 2465's if all checks out well, it's a low-mileage rebuild. Heads are 781's.

I'm guessing (???) around 9.8-1 compression with the 2365's and 120cc heads? I've found a CompCam "kit" that has a cam, lifters, timing set, valvesprings, seals, locks, etc. The cam is 232/237 on a 114 lsa. Will this work well with my combo?

So, my questions are:
What will my compression be with the 2465's and the 781 heads?
Is the comp cam with 232/237 and 114 lsa a good cam for mostly street use?


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roughly what you guessed for CR unless the 781s are abnormally small or shaved.
Chamber sizes measure them to know for sure.
The cam should work fine. The 114 LSA will let it idle great for your power brakes.
The 232/237 deg will give it good torque, excellent midrange and fair top end.
Cam is 'big enough' to work with those pistons and pump gas.

My low buck street 454, should run a 12.9 this FRI if the weather dries a bit...
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