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Hello All,

I can only post 10 photos per ad so see my other ads!

Quick background. I was on craigslist with a general "Chevelle" search and came across a guy who was selling lenses and trim parts. They have been in a tote in his garage for a long time and originally belonged to his brother who had passed away. It came time that he just wanted to clear space so I went by just to pick up some replacement tail light lenses for my 70. When he showed me everything he had I asked if he would sell it all since I know this forum and have the ability to distribute the parts to people who need them and are not local. He loved the idea and sold them all to me... cheap. So bringing these original parts back to life is amazing and I want them to go to good homes!

I live in Canada but will ship worldwide. When replying please include postal code or zip code so I can give a more accurate shipping estimate.

I am not looking to get rich off this stuff, I want it sold and know parts even reproduced parts are expensive. So I want to say any reasonable offer works for me.
If anything is mis labeled please let me know!
Here's what I got (hopefully the list matches the photo order):

3x 68-72 roof drip rail chrome corners
2x 68-72 interior door handles
3x short window crank handles (2 with retaining clip)
1x 65-66 window crank
1x 65-67 interior door handle
8x 68-72 front fender upper rear mouldings, extensions of rear hood moulding (1 without rubber)


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