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Members here from utah, wyoming?

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Did see a fella oiling up the linkages on his older Mustang at public park/fishing spot in SLC, and a dragstrip in the middle of nowhere on the UT/WY border. Oh, and a fella in his Sunday best going to Meeting in his classic shoebox Chevy.

The car kulture in SLC seems to be lots of FRI/SAT night ramblin'. Tons of fart pipe imports, as you'd expect. Here it makes more sense even to have fun with something you can boost, due to alt. Didn't check out any sort of dragstrip , as I assumed there were closed. The little one up by Evanston, WY sure was.

Other than the nearby salt flats, any decent racing in that neck of the woods in summer? Really enjoyed the area and hope to return soon.
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Did you visit Kindig Kustoms?
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