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melonized gear & Mallory unilite

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I have a zz383 and was told I need to run a melonized dizzy gear.
So I went to local GM dealer got a gear and it will not fit my Mallory Unilite distributor pn 4748201. ( the hole in the gear in drilled on center and the hole in the dist. shaft is not, its at an angle)
GM says "run a melonized gear "
I called Mallory, they said there shafts are drilled at an angle not to worry & I don't need the melonized gear "there gear is fine to run with stock roller cams" but when I asked the tech at Mallory to give me his last name he refused.
Has anyone else ran into this?
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Do you mean the hole for the retaining pin is on an angle ? I've never heard of this,maybe its a Mallory thing ??
Personally,I would run what GM says to use,maybe switch distributors or drill another hole in the shaft ??
I put a melonized gear on a MSD Pro Billet distributor. I had to ream the melonized gear to .500 since it is at .491. Other than that the roll pin hole was in the right spot. You need to run this GM melonized gear though for sure.


1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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