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melonized gear & Mallory unilite

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I have a zz383 and was told I need to run a melonized dizzy gear.
So I went to local GM dealer got a gear and it will not fit my Mallory Unilite distributor pn 4748201. ( the hole in the gear in drilled on center and the hole in the dist. shaft is not, its at an angle)
GM says "run a melonized gear "
I called Mallory, they said there shafts are drilled at an angle not to worry & I don't need the melonized gear "there gear is fine to run with stock roller cams" but when I asked the tech at Mallory to give me his last name he refused.
Has anyone else ran into this?
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Yes the hole is at an angle. tech guy at Mallory say that is because the drill walks when it hits the hardened shaft when they drill it.
Good-sounding lie. I figure the tooling for drilling the hole is worn-out, substandard--or non-existant--and so they just pop the hole where ever the guy doing the job feels like it. It's a well-known problem. Quality of Mallory distributors is very questionable. I bet yours is similar--but not identical--to this one.

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