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Melling Pushrods

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I have looked everywhere. Can not find out the difference in the MPR-103-B and the MPR-308. Seems the are like a 1/8 different, hard to tell. I got a batch of the MPR-103-B for a tall deck motor I'm building and it had a MPR-308 in it.

Will this make any difference? Should I replace it?
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The difference is about .035" between those part numbers. The first number, MPR103B is approx. 8.685" long and the other, MPR308, is approx. 8.650".

The MPR103B is a G.M. pushrod while the MPR308 is listed for a Ford application.

Both have oil holes for the rockers so the application won't really matter as long as the lengths work!

The numbers you have are 5/16" pushrods, the G.M.'s factory truck "tall-deck's" were 3/8". The early 427" G.M. "tall-deck" intakes average 8.680", but as I stated, they are the 3/8" diameters. They are interchangeable, but you must use the corresponding guide plates.

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. This info is taken from the Melling catalog as it was installed in our computer.
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