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Mechanical Fuel Pumps

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Hey, Everyone , I building 396 ci Big Block and my Question is I am installing a roller Camshaft and I wanting to use a performance Mechanical Fuel Pump I have Heard that using a Mechanical fuel with a roller camshaft will wipe out the camshaft because of the fuel pump push rod and that you need to use a Electric fuel pump . Are they any type of Fuel pump push rod I should use or do I need to Install a Electric Fuel Pump ? Any help I would be greatfull. Thanks in Advance !:yes:
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What camshaft and part nr? If its cast core, GM steel core or aussie tempered core you can use a regular pushrod. If billet you need a bronze tipped pushrod. Check with the cam manufactor what they recomend and follow that advice.

This pushrod seems almost to good to be true? Dont know what lifetime you can expect?

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