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Mechanical Fuel Pumps

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Hey, Everyone , I building 396 ci Big Block and my Question is I am installing a roller Camshaft and I wanting to use a performance Mechanical Fuel Pump I have Heard that using a Mechanical fuel with a roller camshaft will wipe out the camshaft because of the fuel pump push rod and that you need to use a Electric fuel pump . Are they any type of Fuel pump push rod I should use or do I need to Install a Electric Fuel Pump ? Any help I would be greatfull. Thanks in Advance !:yes:
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I am using an ARP push rod with the bronze wear tip against the Lunati Voodo billet cam. I also use a stock mechanical pump instead of a "high performance" one to lessen the chance for wear on the cam lobe. If I ever get to the track, I'll use a high performance mechanical one to keep the fuel moving. FWIW.
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