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A few weeks ago I won $400 on a scratch off card!!

I got the old headers of my elky without having to take the motor mounts loose!

Today, while preparing to reinstall new headers I noticed that one of my starter wires(r terminal) had been shorted out and after further inspection found it had melted down in the harness all the way to the coil!!! Luckily the wire burned into and caused no other damage!!!

I figured this was a good time to check The starter out since it had been making a noise so I took it back to Autozone to get it tested. When the guy turned the machine on the starter was growling like a bear(bad bearings). They replaced it free!!! Bought it several years ago but it was a "lifetime" product!!!

Why that short didn't cause a major fire is beyond me!! I'm thinking about rewiring the starter wires toward the front of the engine away from the headers to reduce the possibility of this happening again!

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Nevada can be a heartbreaker. Worked a poker machine for 3 hours with 20 bucks in. Up a hundred trying to get it to pop. Had everything towards a heart's royal except for the 10. Picked up a 10 of clubs paying chump change instead of the big dollars.

Perhaps try sleeving the wires. One product I tried finding a good link on was firesleeve. Meant as a protection against heat on hydraulic lines. Something to protect the wires coming down. Don't know how well it works but comes in different inside diameters. Try a search off Yahoo and some distributors will show up.
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