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MAP sensor with calibration data suggestions

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Hey fellas,

I am setting myself up to tune a Holley 4bbl carb with the Innovate wideband 02 and SSI-4, TPS, and a MAP sensor. I actually did this about 10 years ago, but sold off my entire set up (I'm an idiot....). I had drilled/tapped all the fixed orifices in my carb and created my own brass jets for those spots and reallly-really-really had it dialed in. I moved from 2200ft elevation down to 700ft and wanted to dial things back in.

I can't find any info on the previous MAP sensor I used. I was wondering if any of you guys can recommend a MAP sensor in which you have the calibration data for - i.e. voltage output per in-Hg. I was thinking the easiest and most readily available would be something from an LS1 or such.

Any help/feedback is appreciated.

Jay Chekansky
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I'd think the calibration info you're looking for would be pretty easy to figure out with a little hand-held vacuum pump and a multimeter. I'm pretty certain the response will be linear. As soon as you power up the sensor, you'll have the reading for atmosphere/WOT (~ 100kpa, depending on elevation). Use the vacuum pump to pull it down to a couple different vacuum levels, and note the voltages. You'll prob need to convert in/hg to kpa. An LS MAP sensor or any other 1-bar should work fine.

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