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Little help just got a signaw manual steering gear box with the Pittman arm Like to know what the numbers mean. Came off a 68 chevelle.
Here are the numbers.

Pittman arm 5679207A.

Also is there a GM manual steering Pittman arm for the fast ratio box? Or is it the same as number above?
Who sells A rebuild kit with ball bearings ?
By the way this is a 6 turn lock to lock box.

Thanks Dave

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I am no expert, but have the same steering box and pitman arm. From what I have read, you have :
5679142---------------------manual steering box cast 310th or 316th day of 1968 ('78,'88?)
unsure about the number 9, mine is number 14
B3348-----------------------machined 334th day of 1968 ('78,'88?) (B-maybe cast second shift)
Pittman arm 5679207A----manual steering pitman arm (B-maybe cast second shift)
unsure about the GMT16, mine is GMT22
Could you possibly put a caliper on the grooved gear and measure the OD? I have a post titled "Pitman Arm Fit" where you can see the pics of my steering box.
Sorry, can't help with your other questions
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