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Put a line lock on the rear wheels and hide the switch like under the seat. First thing almost everybody does when they get in the drivers seat is to put their foot on the brake. When they do, the rear wheels are locked and unless they know where the switch is, their stuck.

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My car is modified so it is easier to make thing difficult for theives. I have a 50 amp fuse that controls power for the entire car. I can pull it and the fuse to the electric fuel pump and be fairly certain the car isn't going anywhere.

If the theif has time he can get by these "problems" with jumpers but the idea is to slow them down or to "encourage" them to find an easier target.

If they have a tow truck and time, nothing will stop them from taking the car.

That leaves you with GPS (global positioning) theft service. At least you will know where the carcass is if they tow it!

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