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Make a Buzzer when lights are on?

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I have a 67 Chevelle. Does anyone know what to use and how to hook up some type of warning buzzer for: lights on (parking or headlamps), key off, door open.


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Originally posted by tas:

I have another question for you. I visited the local Radio Shack store and bought the buzzer, but they also sell a "chime" number 273-081. My wife is in favor of the chime, but it operates on a three wire system. One wire hot, one ground and a third wire that is blue that it looks like it needs some type of interrupter? The diagram on it showed the blue wire broken at an angle like a door partially opened. I hope that makes sense. Any ideas on how I can use the chime.

I also picked up the relay at the local Carquest store.

Thanks, tas
The blue wire is the "switch" (i.e. door pin)

Red - 12v
Blk - gnd
blue - whatever you want to make "chime", its looking for a neg input to make it "chime", like your door pin switch

you can verify by hooking up to your car bat and touch the blue to a ground and it should chime.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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