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Magnetic Pickup

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Some of you may have responded to my last post about my car not starting after installing my MSD 6A box. I finally got someone at the MSD tech that knew what he was talking about and he sorted out the problem I had. The car started perfectly yesterday twice better than it ever has I didn't have to pump the gas once after the car sitting around for 3 weeks without running. I let the car run for about twenty minutes and then shut it off. A little later I went to start it again and it didn't start. I checked for spark and I have one so my coil isn't bad. I called the tech and he said it's the magnetic pickup inside the distributor. I checked all my connections and they're all okay and it still didn't start today. My question is can I replace only the magnetic pickup in the distributor or do I have to buy a whole new distributor?
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Magnetic pick-ups are fairly easy to change on a stock GM HEI distributor. Pick up a copy of the Haynes Chevelle book at Pep Boys. There is a real good set of instructions on how to change it. You will need to pull the distributor to change it. Be sure to mark the distributor position before you pull it. Pep Boys or Kragen has the parts.
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