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Maabco reman engines. Feedback?

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Anyone have personal experience? I know they have been around forever and mass produce these.
I do not believe in the cheapo engine thing...however

My 02 1500's 5.3 has almost 190k and pretty sure I have a lifter on its way out.
My oil pressure gauge is going crazy also..dont know if its a sender, a bad o ring or what.
I can get a longblock for 1799...figured Id do some portwork, [email protected] torque cam that can smog (already did the intake/TB) and run it til I can take the original and slowly do a rebuild I have more confidence in.

This is my primary need it running. Guess I have to get the El running eh? this should be interesting. 112 deg heat and a car thats been sitting a year LOL

Not expecting greatness from this thing just get me by for a year.
A used one with unknown history and tons of mi is still 1g-1500
Some yards claim theirs all have under 100k I find that hard to believe they are 20 yrs old!

Other options? Suggestions?
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Whatever you do Id stay away from Auto Zone Reman engines, I bought a complete 300 cu. in. Ford 6 cyl. and only got around 2,000 miles before NO oil pres. at idle, they didn't replace cam bearings ( normal practice with Reman brand from Pa.) this was 10 yrs ago though, a couple mechanics I know say good things about Jasper reman. engines
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