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Maabco reman engines. Feedback?

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Anyone have personal experience? I know they have been around forever and mass produce these.
I do not believe in the cheapo engine thing...however

My 02 1500's 5.3 has almost 190k and pretty sure I have a lifter on its way out.
My oil pressure gauge is going crazy also..dont know if its a sender, a bad o ring or what.
I can get a longblock for 1799...figured Id do some portwork, [email protected] torque cam that can smog (already did the intake/TB) and run it til I can take the original and slowly do a rebuild I have more confidence in.

This is my primary need it running. Guess I have to get the El running eh? this should be interesting. 112 deg heat and a car thats been sitting a year LOL

Not expecting greatness from this thing just get me by for a year.
A used one with unknown history and tons of mi is still 1g-1500
Some yards claim theirs all have under 100k I find that hard to believe they are 20 yrs old!

Other options? Suggestions?
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Sounds like once you buy a Mabbco you're on your own if it fails. They are in Texas and for any warranty work you must ship the engine back to them on your dime. The standard warranty is 90 days. What's it cost to send an engine to Texas and then have it sent back to you? About $2000???
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