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I have one book that says there were a total of 11,830 M21's used in the 1970 El Camino, and Chevelles. It doesn't break down how many were behind the L34, but another listing shows there were 28,414 CTX (L34/Manual trans) coded engines built (same code for the Camaro and Nova that year), so you can make your own conclusions from there.
No LS5 or LS6 cars got an M21, they would only get the M22 if they were manual trans cars

There's also an additional 1,275 Chevelle/El Camino's with the LS3 (402/330 horse) that were manual trans cars, that could have received the M-21 option.
There was also the L78 of which 2,144 were built for Chevelles but the L78 CRQ engines for A, F, and X bodies had 5,572 built for manual transmissions.

Too many variables that would dilute any calculated even distribution IMO.
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