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M21 shifting into reverse

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So I have had this issue since I got the car and have adjusted the clutch so I have enough free travel but when I go to put the car in reverse after driving it wants to grind every time. It doesn't do it when I first start car up. Tried old trick of going to neutral then to first then back to neutral and reverse and it still will grind? Any ideas? Just annoying, because anytime I go to cruise night and have to back up I shut the car off, put it in reverse and then fire it back up.
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I always declutch, go to 1st, wait a sec for the parts to stop spinning, then go to reverse. If you do that and it's still clashing, I would think that means some torque is still being transfered to the input shaft. I can only think of to ways than can happen when the clutch pedal is depressed: 1) Pilot bushing is slightly grabbing the input shaft. 2) Clutch is not adjusted properly, and is not fully dissengaging.

I'm sure someone who knows more than me will chime in, but that's my $.02.
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