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M/T 255/60/15 cross section width on 7" rim

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can someone that has a set of
M/T 255/60/15 drag radial on 7" rim measure
the widest point / cross section / sidewall width for me please
I'm workin on a car with little tire room, and need an exact measuremesnt.
I know they are 10 3/8" on a 8" rallie, but I'm gonna have to try them on a 7" rally,
just need to know the widest point, to see if theres enough room.
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not a bad little toy,
but it doesnt change the cross section of the tire when you change rim width,
it says 10" wide on a 7" rim or a 10" rim, so its not realistic and doesnt do me any good.
but thats for posting it, it is good info.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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