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Lunati 256 voodoo sbc roller cam?

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Is there such a thing, know they make a flat tappet but cant find this anywhere on the web.
Any help would be appreciated.

Fwiw saw walmart is now selling cams and speed parts. Hope they dont beat up Summit/Jegs

App is an 88 C4 tpi...ive used the FT version which works great on these but need a roller this time round
Deciding between this and an Isky I found.
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Thanks...he cant afford (owner) a custom cam.
That roller looks good. Only alternative I kind of liked was this from Isky. Hes gotta pass ca which I know a FT 256 sure that roller would also.

If he had a hair more gear.effiicent head I was debating this Elgin
E1872p .444 .467 288/298 214/224 69 overlap 107lsa int 117 exh.
E1186p .462/.470 288/284 210/215 68 overlap 106/114
probably older lazier grinds but would work?

Guessing the final 2 choicesare the Lunati and Isky (thanks for posting that).
Being as he probably wont use a 1.6 rocker nor need one with either one should do.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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