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Lunati 256 voodoo sbc roller cam?

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Is there such a thing, know they make a flat tappet but cant find this anywhere on the web.
Any help would be appreciated.

Fwiw saw walmart is now selling cams and speed parts. Hope they dont beat up Summit/Jegs

App is an 88 C4 tpi...ive used the FT version which works great on these but need a roller this time round
Deciding between this and an Isky I found.
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Below are two screen shots of the 256 voodoo hydro flat tappet cam and smallest voodoo hydro roller cam(262) directly from Lunati’s cam catalogue.

To answer your question, I do not believe that Lunati makes a 256 roller cam. However you may be able to have one custom made.

I posted the pictures of the cams side by side so you can see that the “larger” 262 roller cam isn’t really much larger. It actually has 2 degrees less duration on the intake than the 256 at 0.050” lift. Same exhaust duration at 0.050”. Same lobe separation angle. More lift. And pretty much the same power band. My vote is that you get the 262 roller. The only main difference is that you’ll make more power.


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